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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Nifty news

During the whole of March, I will be the Equis Art Gallery's featured

The only gallery of it’s kind  and Gem of the mid-Hudson Valley – the EQUIS ART GALLERY – is a purveyor of sophisticated artwork work where a white horse is not just white, a black horse is not just black and a beautiful horse is not just pretty!

So very humbling and exciting .

Getting ready for the occasion and off to join in in the festivities are two more drawings:

Going Right and Racing Ready

Racing Ready
pencil on paper
37 x 41 cm
reference: Linda Shantz

Going Right
pencil on paper
43 x 56 cm
reference: Juliet Harrison

Monday, 6 February 2017

Will & Niki

Mention "big black fluffy Newfoundlands" you can be sure you are referring to cuteness overload :D

This, a big mixed media (graphite and charcoal) drawing of mother and son Newfoundland pooches, was created in stages. 

The most important stage: deciphering shapes through bundles of deep black fur.  Once the noses, ears and eyes were pin pointed and sketched in: the real scribbling began.  

The final stage involved a layer of Nitram charcoal to create more oomph and depth.

William & Nikita
graphite/charcoal on paper

Loved discovering and developing a new approach to my work and the best... the unequaled feeling of success!

Next up on the board: equine with a somewhat shorter coat ;)

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Canberra is in Germany

and has been an inspiring muse for my latest equine portrait.
That's right: no capital city but a beautiful bay mare.

Scribbling has begun in earnest again this year and Canberra is the first off the drawing board.

Isn't she gorgeous?

Up next: also dark and also super cute ;)

pencil on paper
25x15 cm

Friday, 6 January 2017

Rock, the Belgian

To be more precise Rock is a German cold blood or draught horse with amazing eyes and the latest portrait off my board in time for the festive season.

Big honest kind eyes, smooth velvety nose, massive round cheeks, wavy blond hair... what's not too love.

Drawing this gorgeous equine was a great finish to the year.
2017 has new projects and commissions lined up but none I am sure with this guys special zen aura.

26x20 cm
pencil on paper

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Out with old in with the new. WELCOME 2017!

Shoving 2016 off to the side and bringing 2017 into the limelight.
Energy, creativity, growth and prosperity the lights of choice.
Ready to make 2017 memorable.